How to Prevent Electrical fires in the Workplace – Guide

As a building owner, you should know the top ways to prevent fires in the workplace. This will help you create a safer work environment for everyone in the building. Not to mention, proper fire safety practices can ensure your building doesn’t catch fire easily. In this blog we will highlight the main ways to prevent fires in the workplace. Not only these can tips save lives, but can also help raise fire safety and fire safety awareness in your building. The best thing you can do is educate building occupants and follow safety rules to keep your building running smoothly.

Ways to prevent electrical fires in the workplace

Good housekeeping is crucial

Clutter not only makes it difficult to carry out daily tasks in the workplace; it can make it difficult to easily access emergency exits or other emergency exits and even fuel a fire that has already started. As a result, it is recommended to keep clutter to an absolute minimum – regardless of the type of work environment.

Maintenance of machines and electrical items

Keeping machinery and electrical equipment in good working order goes a long way in preventing fires in the workplace by reducing the possibility of overheating, unprotected sparks or short circuits. Employees should not attempt to repair any electrical equipment unless they are properly qualified. Any potential electrical hazards or malfunctions must also be reported immediately.

Store and use chemicals responsibly

It is crucial to ensure that all employees who use chemicals have read and understood the instructions for safe use. When storing chemical-based substances, not only must they be properly ventilated, but they must also not get too hot. Open flames should also not be allowed in storage and use areas.

Maintain easy access to all electrical control panels and fire alarm equipment

It is important to keep access to all control panels completely unobstructed and free of dirt, furniture, tools and other objects. Otherwise, it will take longer to shut down these systems in an emergency. Keeping fire alarm systems unobstructed ensures they can function properly in the event of a fire.

Test the fire alarm system regularly

Every year, many fires occur in the workplace due to malfunctioning fire alarm systems. It is a legal requirement that all fire alarm devices and smoke detectors be tested monthly. This allows you to plan repair or maintenance work on faulty equipment before it becomes a fire hazard.

Only Smoke in Demarcated Areas

Smoking should never be allowed in storage areas, areas where chemicals are stored or work areas where there are sparks. Ensure that employees only smoke in designated areas – or do not smoke if the workplace in question is considered too hazardous to allow open flames. Control Fire Systems offers a wide range of high quality fire alarm devices for small and large businesses.

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