Chrome v89 on Android now allows users to view hyperlinked web pages instead of opening them in a new tab. O feature It’s been in testing since 2018 and you’ve been able to enable it via the Chrome flag in the Canary and beta channels as of now. This one feature is now available in the stable version of Google Chrome on Android. The ‘Visualization’ feature it is supposedly part of a server-side update that was just released. Users will now see a new ‘Preview Page’ option in the context menu that appears up when long-pressing a hyperlink on a webpage in Chrome. Selecting this option will produce a slide-out display with the site’s favicon, page name, and domain in the top bar. The top bar of the preview page includes a link (arrow icon) to take you to the main web page, as well as an ‘X’ icon to close the preview. You can also disable it by swiping from top to bottom. Note that you can partially minimize preview pages, allowing you to read the content of the original webpage in the background. However, you cannot change the preview page size. For that, you have to open the web page in a separate tab.

You can access the preview from the link feature in Chrome’s context menu. See how you do it: Do not try to resize the panel as it will close the link preview.

If Chrome doesn’t show the preview page option on your device, you’re probably using an older version of the browser. You can fix this by simply updating your browser to the latest version. To do this:

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