O final plan will be developed according to the unique requirements of the company. We will describe the accessible and most used marketing tactics in this post. Learn how to create an MSP pricing plan effectively to maximize your earnings from MSP games. One of the most important points in defining an MSP pricing strategy is knowing and understanding the available options (described in more detail in “Most Popular Pricing Strategies Among MSPs”). The managed services pricing strategy should be designed to be not only profitable, but also as simple as possible. This will help customers understand what they are paying for and avoid costly misunderstandings.

4 ways to price your MSP services to maximize value

by device

The simplest pricing plan of all, this one involves MSPs charging their customers a fixed amount on a regular basis for each type of device covered. For example, an MSP might book a cost of, say, $X per laptop$Y per printer and $Z per server in the fundamental device pricing model. Given the simplicity of explaining expenses to potential customers, this pricing model is one of the most popular. In addition, this model gives the consumer the option to increase the monthly fee as they add more devices.

value based

This pricing structure is of the flat rate type. Given that an MSP provides IT services for all aspects of the client’s business, it is one of the most complete models. This methodology aims to address latent requirements as well as potential threats, in addition to dealing with acute problems. In essence, the MSP acts as the customer’s outsourced IT department. This approach will be chosen by organizations that want to dedicate all their resources to strategic objectives.

monitoring only

As the name implies, MSPs only provide monitoring and alerting services to a subset of their customers’ IT infrastructure under this model. Customers on a tight budget love this template as it offers a basic approach and is quite affordable. With this type of pricing structure, the MSP keeps its customers informed of any concerns that are later escalated and corrected by the customer’s internal IT staff. The MSP will offer help if needed, at an additional cost.

In layers

The tiered model is one of the most popular pricing structures among MSPs. With this approach, MSPs have the freedom to create bundled services with price increases tier by tier as more complete services become available. Companies can select the service package that best suits their needs (needs and budget). These service packages are generally divided into “Bronze”, “Silver”, “Gold” and “Platinum”, with Bronze being the most affordable package with the most basic level of services and support and Silver and Gold denoting the most expensive.

Final Words

We hope you enjoy our article on how to Price your MSP services to maximize value. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) often struggle with the dilemma of pricing their services appropriately. They strive to provide the best IT services to their customers, but when it comes to pricing these services competitively, they hesitate for fear of alienating their customers.

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