How to Print Double-Sided on Windows 11/10 – Guide

Depending on the type of printer, you use manual two-sided printing or automatic two-sided printing. If your printer supports automatic two-sided printing, subsequent pages of your print job will automatically be fed into the printer. With manual duplex printers, you must manually add pages to the printer to print on both sides of the paper. In this article, we use a manual duplex printer. Most printers offer the option of two-sided printing, saving you paper and the hassle of manually feeding paper one at a time. However, this is not the default option available in the printer software and most applications that you choose to print from. Every printer OEM offers software that provides advanced functionality for the printer. You cannot access them unless you have them installed. So first of all, go to the OEM website, search for your printer model, download and install the driver and software. Printing on both sides is a breeze. You reduce your printer’s energy consumption and save paper, which ultimately saves trees. And if you’re printing a large project, you only need to carry half the weight. Not all printers have duplex printing capabilities, so you will need to consult your printer manual or contact the printer manufacturer to ensure you can print on both sides.

How to Print double-sided in Windows 11/10

To do this, you will first need to define up double-sided printing as the default profile, then you can use it to print from any application. The steps involved are:

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