There’s a reason why “what’s the temperature?” is the most commonly asked question of virtual assistants, smart devices, and smart home speakers. Without going into specifics about what happens to a lithium-ion battery, you should be aware that they are liquid. According to Battery University, “cold temperature increases internal resistance and decreases capacity.” To cut a long story short, when it’s cold, the molecules shrink and the performance suffers, just like with any other liquid-based item. That’s exactly what happens to your phone. If you’re going to be in colder weather soon, we’ve got a few tips and tricks to keep your phone safe. We have mentioned steps below to Protect Smartphone from Cold Weather

Ways to Protect Smartphone from Cold Weather

Use a Phone Case That Offers Protection

We wrap ourselves in hats, coats, boots, and gloves to protect ourselves from the elements during the coldest months of winter. That logic, it turns out, should also apply to our phones. “Basically, treat your phone as if it were you,” Meister tells Bustle. “Keep it out of the cold and out of the wind as much as possible.” A good case, like a tiny, fashionable coat, can help reduce your phone’s direct contact with cold air.

Take Care Of The Battery

Cold weather is known to cause battery drain. To avoid a rapid decrease in battery power, make sure your phone is fully charged before venturing out into freezing temperatures. It’s also a good idea to keep a backup power source on hand, such as a case with a built-in charger or a portable power bank, to ensure you’re always prepared in an emergency.

Get Creative About Battery Preservation

You may be accustomed to holding your phone semi-attached to your hand, but there are ways to avoid pulling it out and exposing it to the elements and in fact, you may find that these inventive methods of avoiding it are so convenient that you’ll want to use them even when it’s not winter. “Many people find that a smartwatch helps because you’ll be pulling out your phone less frequently to check notifications and your watch will be warmed by your skin,” Meister tells Bustle.

Final Words

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