The app has drawn criticism for concerns about moderation and content, as well as its ability to influence users through a powerful suggestion algorithm. Even if you are not signed up, TikTok may collect information about you when you visit the website thanks to cookies and other trackers. After account creation, the social network collects information about your preferences and actions based on the videos you watch. TikTok is aware of your device, location, IP address, search history, the content of your messages, and what and how long you’re viewing in the app. In order to track your interactions with advertisements, it also collects device identifiers. Based on the data it has about you, TikTok “infers” things like your age, gender, and interests. In the US, TikTok has the ability to collect biometric data such as voice and face prints. Below are ways to protect your iPhone from TikTok.

Ways to Protect Your iPhone from TikTok

Avoid registering with third-party social apps

Similar to many other apps, TikTok allows users to subscribe up or log in with your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Despite the fact that you might find this more convenient than creating registration fields from scratch, it allows TikTok to more easily collect your data from various social apps and track your online activities. So you might want to stay away from it. Even without your permission, TikTok openly states in its privacy policy that it may collect your data from third-party apps. TikTok’s ability to collect your data may still be limited if you choose not to register on its social media platforms, but you will have less access to them. you can choose the To use phone or email option to avoid using your social account when registering for TikTok for the first time. However, keep in mind that your data will still go to TikTok if you use this option. You might want to keep the record with your email address just to avoid leaking your phone number for data collectors.

Use TikTok as a viewer

Perhaps the abundance of content on TikTok compels you to watch it every day. Fortunately, you don’t need to create an account to use the app. Also, this will allow you to view the same amount of content. With the way TikTok collects information via browser and mobile app cookies, there doesn’t seem to be much you can do to stop them. But if you use TikTok anonymously, your data is out of TikTok’s hands. Also, TikTok finds it harder to access your social media profiles on other apps.

Do not allow cookies in apps and browsers

Whether or not you have an account, TikTok clearly says in its privacy policy that it collects information through browser cookies. However, cookies from mobile applications that occasionally visit the browser for specific tasks can also be kept in browsers. For example, you can occasionally visit Facebook, Twitter and Instagram right from your browser. And those retail cookies, which TikTok can play too. TikTok uses this data to monitor your network activity and send information about you to third-party vendors and advertisers so that they can create specifically tailored content and ads for you to view across multiple sites and platforms. Therefore, by disabling the storage of cookies in your browser, you can prevent TikTok from extracting your data.

Use proxy services and VPNs when accessing TikTok

One of the things someone can do with your IP address is to track your whereabouts. Also, TikTok is not far behind in this regard. Every time you launch the app, TikTok uses your device’s IP address to detect your location, whether you’re registered or not. It customizes localized content for your feed this way. However, you can trick TikTok’s algorithm believes you are somewhere else using premium proxies and virtual private networks (VPNs). A VPN service changes your location, while proxy services help you hide your IP address. So for better result when using TikTok you can use one or combine both.

Use a Private Browser for TikTok Web

When a larger screen is inevitably needed, the browser is the most likely method of accessing TikTok on a PC. However, using a browser to visit TikTok gives you better access to your cookies. So if you are visiting TikTok through a web browser, using private browsers like Tor and DuckDuckGo is another option to protect yourself from data mining.

Final Words

We hope you enjoy our article on how to protect your iPhone from TikTok. A well-known social media platform called TikTok allows users to make, watch and share 15-second movies made with mobile devices or webcams. The app is known for its highly engaging user base and addictive nature due to its personalized feeds of entertaining short films set to music and sound effects. Amateur and professional creators can collaborate on content and make split-screen duet videos even if they are in different locations. They can also add effects like filters, background music and stickers to their videos.

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