The internet provides a wealth of information, from making dinner reservations and buying movie tickets to keeping in touch with friends far away and shopping for the ideal gifts. But beyond the benefits. On these platforms, consumers have been deceived countless times, leaving them completely helpless. Due to this, some customers have even stopped using Internet retailers. Below we mention the steps to protect yourself from the online shopping scam.

Steps to protect yourself from the online shopping scam

Buy only from secure sites

The URL of a website you visit must start with “https” instead of “http”. You can make a purchase and submit your personal and credit card information on a secure site without worrying about it being stolen.

Create a unique username and password for each account you have

you can set up an account on the websites of most online businesses. Your credit card number and personal details are saved on your system this way. To view order status, order history and simplify reordering, many users create an account. However, make sure you use a different username and password for each account you have. Consider the following scenario: if you have five accounts with five separate online merchants, but you use the same username and password for each one, once a hacker gets your login, he will have access to all of your accounts.

This one is more difficult. Consider getting an email from your favorite online merchant offering 50% off sitewide. However, it is recommended that you go directly to your web browser and enter the website URL before clicking on the image or link in the email. By doing this, you can be confident that you are accessing their secure website. In order to lure customers to their fake website and email and get their personal information, many hackers use phishing scams. The consumer often doesn’t know until it’s too late because they can mimic a retailer’s website so well.

Never use free Wi-Fi in public places when shopping online

Free Wi-Fi is a favorite among hackers as it makes it easy for attackers to access your device and steal sensitive data. Generally speaking, your data is not encrypted when using public Wi-Fi. Furthermore, hackers have the ability to build fake Wi-Fi networks. Once you connect to one of these networks, which don’t have passwords, they have full control over your device.

Monitor your credit card activities and statements

Every day, check your credit card activity and carefully review your statements. Request to be notified when your overall spend in a billing cycle exceeds a specified threshold, such as $500. That way, you’ll be informed if a hacker uses your card for multiple smaller purchases instead of one big purchase3. Every three seconds, an American is a victim of identity theft2. Even if you take all the necessary precautions to avoid becoming a victim of fraud, it is still possible. To review your policy and find out how Integrity’s identity theft protection coverage can protect your family, finances and future, contact an independent insurance agent immediately.

Final Words

It can be enticing to buy anything online, especially tech goods like smartphones, computers and other devices. The main reason they are affordable is that products like smartphones are significantly cheaper online and during business. This, along with bank discounts, makes it easier to buy cell phones and other electronics. However, when buying equipment online, you must be vigilant and follow a checklist. We hope that our article on “How to protect yourself from online shopping scam” will certainly help you to do that.

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