How to Put Clothes On Your iPhone Memoji – Guide

As cute as they are, Apple’s Memoji have simply existed as floating heads for many years, but iPhone owners have the opportunity to wear them after upgrading to iOS 15. This provides another way for users to express their style, further customizing the appearance. As the new Memoji have bodies, or at least torsos, new poses are also available to better express a feeling. Memoji has been updated with some new ones. features and options every year since adorable cartoon renderings of users were introduced in 2018. In 2019, Apple made Memoji available via the keyboard, and in 2020, Apple added the option to customize skin tones and put a virtual mask on the character, with a few styling options. The ability to customize the face and head has also been greatly improved, even allowing the addition of hats and glasses. Apple’s latest enhancement to the Memoji experience is the option to wear them and there are a variety of options to choose from. To add or edit a Memoji, the user can open the Messaging app, create a new message, or tap an existing one. From here, tap the Memoji icon that appears in a bar at the bottom and then the left plus sign to create a new character or select and edit an existing Memoji. If you’re editing one that’s already been created, scroll to the far right to see the clothing option, then scroll vertically to choose from the 43 different options available.

Choosing clothes: colors and details

From dresses to sweaters, t-shirts and more, there’s something for everyone in the new Memoji clothing for iPhone. Each outfit has three color options, which Apple calls Main, Second, and Third. The main color will be the predominant color in the new outfit, with the second and third bringing accents. When a new color is selected, a slider appears to adjust the tint from dark to light. Options range from earthy browns, greens and grays, to more vibrant colors like red, orange, purple, pink and blue. When you’re done editing, tapping done will return you to the Memoji selector, where the updated look can be seen in all possible poses. It is important to note that Memoji clothes do not appear when using Live Animated Memoji. The user once again becomes a floating head. Perhaps in a future update, the iPhone will be able to animate hands and include a torso. While the iPhone Memoji can be used in FaceTime calls and in the Clips app to record animated videos, the clothes feature is limited to static Memoji and is best suited for keyboard stickers and messages. For now, being able to dress and style the iPhone Memoji is a fun update for iOS 15 users, and Apple has included a large number of options to create a custom look.

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