How to Quickly Open Camera on Android – Guide

You want to take candid photos with your smartphone, but you can’t open your smartphone camera fast enough? This is a common problem in smartphone photography. When you go through the lock screen and open the camera app, the opportunity for a great photo has passed. Like iPhones and iPads, most Androids phones and tablets have a camera lock screen shortcut perfect for photographers who want to quickly access the camera of your locked device. But what if you’re just browsing the web when the Kodak moment arrives? This is usually where you will have to make a mad dash for Android camera – a tap on home or back buttonum slide or two to get right home screen and finally a touch on Android camera application itself. By the time you get to the viewfinder, the beautiful butterfly you wanted to photograph for Instagram is probably gone.

How to open quickly camera on android

Accessing your phone camera of the locked screen.

Any Android smartphone brand with a relatively modern Android version has a handy camera icon in the lower right corner of the locked screen. With this feature, users can simply swipe on the camera icon on your android phone locked screen to open the camera application. You can then use your camera to take a photo or video quickly without unlocking the phone in search of the camera app and launch it to take a picture.

Double press the power or volume buttons to launch the camera application.

On newer Android devices, there is another handy option that allows you to activate your Android phonede camera without having to go to the locked screen first. With this feature you can go directly to the camera app while your phone’s screen is locked, no extra steps. All you need to do is press the power button or volume down button on your Android device twice. On some devices, quick access to the camera It is connected to double press the power button on most Chinese Androids phone marks, this feature is linked to double pressing the volume down button. This one feature It’s really the fastest way to access your phonede camera from any position at any time. If you pass the camera app seems too time consuming, you can use this feature instead of. However, keep in mind that this feature only works if your device supports it, and that camera shortcut may not be available on some devices.

Use Mild Camera Android app launcher

All is not lost if your phone does not support the above quick gestures and shortcuts to access the camera application. Since there is an app for everything, you can use a lightweight app called Smooth Camera Launcher to access your phonede camera from anywhere. However, with this app, you can only access your phonede camera app using hotkeys when the screen is unlocked. After installing and launching the app, you will be greeted by a welcome screen that informs you of the various features of the application. After going through the intro screen, you will be taken to the settings where you will find the Hotkey option to start the camera. This option allows you to define a hotkey that you can use to quickly launch the camera application. However, please note that you need to use these hotkeys when holding down the phone in landscape mode to start the camera app on your android phone.

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