How to Record and Share Audio/Video Clips in Slack – Guide

Slack recently introduced a handy feature which allows users to share short videos and audio clips on their popular workspace messaging platform. Let’s say you want to quickly record a voice memo or share your screen, everything is now possible in Slack. You can share these audio and video clips in DM as well as Slack channels. The duration of these clips is only 3 minutes. So you can only record short video and audio messages and that feature cannot be a substitute for audio or video calls. And then you realize that you need a screen recording app on your Mac or Windows PC. Well, Slack wants to put an end to your hassles and recently added a new feature which allows users to easily record audio or video clips using the app. These clips can be shared with DMs and Slack channels for effective collaboration without the need to schedule meetings. Slack is best known for communicating with colleagues and sharing messages and ideas. Although Slack is text-based, it also offers audio and video recording. With Slack, you can record your voice, capture your screen, or use your camera. You can share clips in a Slack channel or in a direct message. If you and your team have a paid Slack plan, you can record and share up to three minutes of audio or video.

How to record and Share Audio/video clips in Slack

How to record and Share Audio in Slack

record and Share Video in Slack

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