How to Record blur background Stories on iPhone – Guide

The iPhone now allows you to enable portrait mode by enabling the camera inside another app you downloaded from the app store – like instagram – as a hidden feature in the iOS 15 update. That way, you can use the option to blur your device’s screen background when recording stories, reels or live via social media apps, something that wasn’t feasible until iOS 14. The new, on the other hand, is limited to iPhone models with the A12 Bionic chip, which includes the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max generations and beyond. Without a hazy background, you can record Instagram stories. Lucas Wetten (Creative Commons) (Canaltec) Video recordings had to be recorded with a normal background – ie no blur – and images had to be taken with native iOS Camera app in Portrait mode, then imported and uploaded to Stories up to the previous version of the system. Bills I want to stay up updated on the latest tech news? Canaltech News is a new YouTube channel that you can follow and subscribe to. Every day, we’ll provide you with a summary of the latest technology news! I understand how to record Instagram stories with iOS portrait mode, ie, background blur on your iPhone, on tutorial below.

How to Record stories with background blur on iPhone

Phase 1: On your iPhone, open Instagram and drag the screen to the left. In the app’s recording style options, select and choose between “History”, “Moments” or “Live”. Phase 2: Access the iOS Control Center by dragging down the upper right corner of the device screen. In the upper left corner of the Control Center, like new in iOS 15, you’ll find a Camera Effects Guide. Click on “Effects.” Step 3: Click to activate the Portrait Mode effect on your device. Step 4: You will notice that the Effects tab of the Control Center will now indicate that Portrait Mode is being applied to your device camera for use on Instagram. Step 5: Go back to Instagram and you’re done, the Portrait Mode effect will be applied to your camera, allowing you to record stories with a blurred background on your iPhone.

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