How to record calls on an iPhone – Guide

Apple iPhones do not provide a native way to record incoming or outgoing voice calls. As this is not a particularly advanced or difficult technology to implement, it is believed that Apple chose to omit call recording due to legal complications. In most US states, only one person needs to consent for a call to be recorded, but 11 states require everyone involved in a conversation to agree to be recorded.

the small print

The most important point to consider when planning to register a phone call is to ensure that you obtain the consent of the other person or persons who will be recorded. You can get this verbally at the beginning of the call by asking, for example, “I’m planning on recording, are you okay with that?” An even more cautious approach is to obtain written consent, in the form of an email or other message, in advance.

The app that can record iPhone calls – for free

The app we are featuring in this guide is the Rev Call Recorder iOS app from a tech startup called Rev, based in San Francisco and Austin. Rev Call Recorder is an easy-to-use iPhone application, available in the United States, that lets you record calls in one step. This app has no limits for recording incoming or outgoing calls and it is simple to share recordings via Dropbox or email. The Rev Call Recorder has more than 8,600 ratings, which gives it an average of 4.4 out of five points. Why would Rev offer such a comprehensive tool for free? Rev’s core business is converting audio and video to text with its paid transcription and subtitles service. After your call, you have the option of paying to have your recording transcribed by a skilled human transcriber, although this is not necessary. If you do, the Rev charges $1.25 per minute.

simple functionality

Rev Call Recorder is simple to use. After downloading the free app and verifying your number (for your information: this app only works with country code +1 phone numbers), just tap the “Start recorded call” option at the bottom of the screen: Then select whether you are making a call or receiving a call. Follow the instructions and your call will be recorded and automatically saved to your recorded call list. Tap a recording to see sharing options, including emailing the audio file or saving it to Dropbox.

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