As a gamer, you may also want to get the most out of your gaming experience and share your achievements with others on YouTube or try to help others become better gamers by creating gameplay tutorials. How can you record gameplay on your PC? That’s the focus of this article. Here you’ll learn two easy and free ways to record games on a Windows PC.

Ways  to Record Gameplay on PC

Xbox Gamebar DVR

Xbox Game Bar is a straightforward gameplay recording application included with your Windows 11 computer. Despite being associated with Xbox, this capability is excellent for use on gaming PCs and allows you to capture action at 1080p and 60 frames per second. You may also alter the video quality to 720p and 30 frames per second.

Radeon Re Live

Like Nvidia, AMD developed their own free game recording software. Radeon Re Live can therefore be used if you have an AMD graphics card. The idea behind NVIDIA’s Shadow lay is the same. It can record in a resolution of up to 4K and uses the GPU rather than the CPU for recording. Even video upscaling is handled well, enabling you to record footage at 4K even with a 1080 monitor. The absence of features found in a dedicated recording tool is the only drawback.

OBS Studio

OBS, often known as Open Broadcaster Software, is a free open source video recording tool with streaming features. If you want certain premium features without paying for them, this is one of the finest ways to record PC games. Despite being free, OBS Studio is a reliable screen capture tool. Because of this, it has a learning curve and is not as simple to use as the apps mentioned above. The plethora of options, settings, and features, as well as the UI, make it the option that is least user-friendly.


The Plays brand shouldn’t be unusual to serious gamers. TV is a video game recorder that stands out thanks to its bookmarking and clip-stitching capabilities. This software is so well-liked that when its service ended, a number of gamers experienced inconvenience. In such a case, Medal.TV transformed into a rival to Plays.TV by adding bookmarking and clip stitching features. You may now rely on this game recorder, which enables you to capture every game and note any significant points in your movies, such as fatalities, assists, and victories.

Final Words

We hope like our article on how to Record Gameplay on PC. Record your full playthrough of a favorite game to share with friends, followers, and fans online, or capture your most recent creation in a world-building game. You may start collecting moments worth sharing to utilize in YouTube or TikTok videos, to publish to Instagram, or to share on a social networking platform with the ability to record PC games.

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