How To Recover a Deleted Administrator Account In Windows 10 PC – Guide

One is a standard or guest user and the other is an administrator account. Even if you own the computer, for security reasons it is safer to use your computer with a standard user account. But what happens if you accidentally delete the admin account? How can I recover a deleted admin account? It’s difficult, I admit. You can only create a new admin or standard user account from an admin account. Now that you’ve deleted it, there’s no way to create new accounts. It seems that the Microsoft development team foresaw this situation. That’s because they designed a built-in administrator account in Windows that you can’t delete or mess with. Locate and open the command prompt with administrative privileges. To do this, right-click or select Run as administrator in the search results. Wait for the process to complete. Now type this command to convert your existing standard user account to an administrator account. Replace the username with your current account name.

System Restore

After the wizard has done its work, the computer will restart and you will be able to use the deleted account. In case you don’t have access to the system and you deleted the only administrator account, you can boot into Advanced Recovery using a bootable USB. You can then choose Troubleshooting > System Restore to fix the problem.

Restore from Windows Backup

If you have a backup process in place — Windows Backup or any third-party backups, we highly recommend using them to restore your computer to a date before the account was deleted. This method will affect all computer accounts and you may also lose some files and folders. You should make a complete backup of important files. If nothing works and you only have a single account on the computer, you can enable the built-in admin account to create a new admin account. This is a better option than reinstalling or resetting Windows.

Final note

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