How to recover a Google account if it’s already lost or hacked – Guide

If you lose access to your Google account, here it is how to take back. Don’t let yourself be excluded from your own information! Whether it’s our emails, contacts, appointments or text messages, we all have Google accounts full of personal information. As a result, losing access to our Google account could be a tragedy about to happen. But you don’t need to have a nervous breakdown yet. You can recover a Google Account and claim control of your data by following a few simple steps.

How to recover a deleted google account

Whether or not you can recover a deleted Google Account depends on how long ago it was deleted. Basically the sooner the better. Google doesn’t actually say what the cutoff point is, but some non-Google sites suggest it could be 60 to 90 days. The first recovery step is simply to try logging in and see if that allows you to log into your account. Of course, you will need to enter your username and password and perhaps answer a recovery question or two. You might get lucky. If the account was deleted a long time ago and therefore you are not able to log in in the normal way, the Google Account Recovery link is what you need. You will be asked for your account name and the last password you remember for the account. Google will then inform you if the account can be restored. But if it’s been a long time since the account was deleted, you might be totally out of luck. The only option is to cut your losses and start a new Google account.

How to recover a google account if your account was hacked

If your Google account has been hacked, time is of the essence. The faster you react, the better. If someone logs into your account from an unrecognized device or IP address, Google immediately flags and sends an email to let you know. If you don’t recognize the login, go to the security section of your Google account and change your password right away. But if you wait too long and the hacker gets a chance to change the password, he’s back to the account recovery link. You will be asked for the last password you remember and your security questions. If you have an alternate email address or phone number on your account, a verification code will be sent for you to enter. That’s why it’s absolutely essential that you add these details in advance to “hack-proof” your account in the future. This is, of course, assuming the hacker has yet to change your backup options and personal details. If so, your chances of getting your Google account back have plummeted and you can assume it’s lost. In that case, revoke your account’s access to any other online services you’ve granted, as well as cancel your Google Pay credit card number.

How to recover a google account if you forgot your password

This is probably one of the easiest ways to recover a Google account. Is it a simple case of clicking on the Forgot password? Link. However, if you have a Google Workspace account, you may need to contact your Workspace administrator, who will reset the password for you. Assuming it’s a regular Google account, enter your email address on any Google login page (Gmail, YouTube, etc.) and click Next. This takes you to the password page, where you now need to click Forgot password? If you have two-factor authentication enabled on your account, you will now have to enter the 2FA code or a backup code before proceeding. If you fail to do this, you have virtually lost account access. Obviously, there is no way to disable two-factor authentication for security reasons. That’s a good reason to keep backup codes safe! Assuming you’re past the two-factor authentication stage (or didn’t need to in the first place), you’ll be asked to enter the last password you remember to use with the account. If you enter a password that you used with the account in the not too distant past, Google will send an activation code to your backup email address on the account. Enter the activation code, enter a new password and you’re done. If you cannot remember any passwords or cannot receive an activation code, you will have to answer your recovery questions. If you can’t answer these questions, your chances of recovery at this point are virtually zero.

How to retrieve a google account if you forgot your email address

Settings up a Google account is so easy that we probably have multiple accounts. What if you want to retrieve one but can’t remember the exact username? Google makes it simple for you. On the login page, where you would type your account name, there is a link that says Forgot email? Select this. You will then be asked to enter: Assuming you have entered the correct information each time, Google will now provide you with a list of all email addresses registered to you on screen. Click the one you want to log in with and enter your password.

Tips to complete the account recovery steps

Google offers an excellent advice page about tips to improve your chances of recovering your account. Basically, it all comes down to being meticulous in answering the questions, providing as much information as possible, and using a familiar device or IP address. The less “suspicious” you appear in Google’s eyes, the more likely you are to get your account back.

How to contact Google for help with recovering your Google account

In short, Google does not provide any “real person” support for account recovery. They used to have a form that you could fill out for the support team to review, but now everything seems to be automated through the account recovery link. You might be very unhappy about this, but if you consider the sheer volume of recovery requests every day, you’ll quickly see why Google needed to automate the process. As we said at the beginning, all paths lead to the account recovery page. If you go through this process and have a backup contact or recovery questions, your chances of recovery are very good.

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