How to Recover Deleted Files on Android – Guide

Many people wish Android had a recycle bin too. Apparently, with all the noise Android users are making, it seemed pretty clear that this could never exist, but Android has tons of backup options for documents, contacts, email, messages, photos, videos, and more created for each one. registered or registered Google account You can also subscribe up for free. One of the most popular Android backup options is Google Drive. If you want to recover deleted Word files from Android using Google Drive, follow these steps. This app gives the user the opportunity to backup their data to the cloud and at the same time recover accidentally deleted files from Android device. The software works like a recycle bin on a PC as all the files you delete go to the software. It generally works fine with videos and images, but it works with documents, HTML and APK files. Files can be manually deleted from the software’s storage or set to clear storage after a specified time.

Trash deposit

Well, Dumpster is like the recycle bin on your desktop computer. It stores all the files you delete from your Android. However, it will not recover files that were deleted before installing Dumpster. To use Dumpster on Android, we recommend following our article – Adding the Recycle Bin Feature for your Android. In this article, we share a step by step guide in how to download and install Dumpster on Android.

Using DiskDigger Undelete

It is a photo recovery app to help you recover your lost photos and images from memory card or internal storage. If your device is not rooted, the app will perform a “limited” scan of your deleted photos by examining its cache and thumbnails. If your device is rooted, the app scans your device’s entire memory for traces of images and videos.

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