How to Recover deleted Photos from Whatsapp iPhone and Android – Guide

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and we all know how true that statement is! Smartphones make it easier than ever to capture and share life’s everyday moments. Whatsapp is without a doubt the best app for sharing photos with friends or family and has a permanent place on our iPhones and Android devices. If you are a regular WhatsApp user, you probably already know most of the apps features; however, recovering an image or other WhatsApp document file can seem very complicated. For example, when a user deletes a photo from WhatsApp, the file is removed from the conversation and is not visible on their phone’s Gallery app by default. So how can you download deleted photos from WhatsApp? If you find yourself in this situation, there are several ways to recover accidentally deleted image.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Whatsapp iPhone and Android

Try requesting media from other conversation participants.

Recovering deleted WhatsApp photos from lost media can sometimes be easier than you think. The first step in the process is to check if there is anyone you spoke with who has attached a copy of the message with the media lost in the conversation. For example, let’s say you uploaded a photo and then deleted it. It is quite possible that the recipient or several members of a group chat have the image on their phone even though they deleted it for themselves. You can simply ask other users to forward the photo to you or even save it to their phone. You can upload it through apps like Google Drive or Google Photos to recover deleted WhatsApp photos in the future and keep the media file longer and safer. If you select the trash icon and then tap on the “Delete for me” option, the user who received the image file from you will keep the file. So they don’t lose access to it; that means the file can be easily recovered by them if you feel you need it.

Restoring a WhatsApp backup to recover deleted WhatsApp photos.

While the above method is extremely easy, it is not always possible to ask other users to send back the photo, and in some cases they may have it deleted. So, the next easiest method to recover deleted WhatsApp photos is to back them up up. WhatsApp supports backups for both Android and iOS versions of the app. These backups remain on Google Drive and iCloud, respectively. If you have a backup, it will take place between the time you sent the message and its deletion. Then you can quickly go back to the backup section and restore the last WhatsApp app backup. To do this, first navigate to the Settings section of the WhatsApp application and open the Chats tab; find the Chat Backup option here and tap on it. You will get information about the last backup and how often the backup should be performed. If you deleted the image after the last backup, please uninstall the app and reinstall WhatsApp. During the setup process, select the option to restore from Google Drive or iCloud backup depending on your operating system. You can proceed with the regular uninstall process and install a fresh copy of the latest version from the Google Play Store. Now confirm your mobile number again. You should now see a prompt to restore data from a backup, if available. Accept this option and WhatsApp will restore all messages that were stored on your phone at the time of backup.

Check the WhatsApp media folder on your phone to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp.

This step is exclusive to Android users as iPhone users do not have access to the file system. By default, WhatsApp saves all the photos you send and receive in a folder. In many cases, you can delete an image from the chat and still have it in that folder on your phone. So first download a file explorer app if your phone doesn’t have a pattern. Then navigate to the WhatsApp folder in your root directory. Now locate the “Media” folder and then the “WhatsApp Pictures” folder inside the “Media” folder. Here you should see all the photos you received on WhatsApp. Inside this folder, there is also a “Sent” folder that contains all the photos you have uploaded. While it may seem tedious to search for an image among thousands of photos, this method has a high success rate and is certainly worth a try. You may be able to recover your WhatsApp photos.

Using a recovery app to recover deleted WhatsApp photos.

A simple Google search for WhatsApp picture recovery help will show you dozens of programs that promise a solution. This might sound exciting, and you might feel like this is a glimmer of hope, but the reality is grim as most of them don’t work. Just like recovering deleted text messages, the vast majority of these apps to recover deleted WhatsApp photos turn out not to be very useful. Recovering WhatsApp photos is a little different than recovering text messages, but the software you use has some significant issues. They require root access on Android and require payment before they can be used. These programs to recover deleted WhatsApp photos are mostly similar. All of them claim to recover deleted photos and messages by installing desktop software and connecting your Android smartphone.

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