If you leave personal information on your Android smartphone, such as your Google account, hackers may use it to steal your money or other personal information. Even if you are giving your child the device, you should reset it because you never know what they might do with your stored passwords and credit card information. We mentioned below are the ways to recycle old Android phone.

Ways to recycle old Android phone

Trade it in

In order to keep customers coming back for more, some phone vendors offer trade-in discounts. The network will give you a discount when you purchase a new smartphone in exchange for your old one. Your phone’s condition will effect the discount because it will limit what the vendor can do with it. If your phone has been well-maintained, the dealer may be able to recuperate some of their expenses by selling it again. You will receive a significantly lesser discount if the phone is defective or broken because it is likely only suitable for recycling and disposal.

Sell it

Selling the phone on your own is an additional choice. It’s really simple to sell unused phones rapidly on Ebay and Facebook. Although it’s not quite as simple as a trade-in, selling a phone yourself usually results in a higher price. And if you get more money for your old phone, you’ll have more money to spend on a new one. Even if your phone is broken, it’s still worthwhile to look online because some of them are still worth a little money. Sometimes, repair firms may purchase defective phones to utilize as replacement parts.

Pass it on

Your outdated phone will still be helpful to someone if it is still functional. Do you know anyone in your family or circle of friends who could use a personal upgrade? Parents frequently give their children old smartphones, sometimes more than once. Nothing is wasted, and everyone benefits.

Recycle it

Your only remaining choice is to recycle the phone if it is defective or broken and no one will buy it in exchange. You should always choose to responsibly recycle your unwanted rubbish rather than just throwing it away. Why? When destroyed or buried, some of the parts of your phone are extremely poisonous and can seriously harm the environment. To ensure that hazardous substances are disposed away safely, use a recycling service. The good news is that there is no reason not to because these services are free.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on how to recycle old Android phone. A business or service will accept your old phone in exchange for cash. Following that, the phone is either disassembled piecemeal and sold as-is or is either repaired and sold as-is, with some parts and pieces being used as components or raw materials in new devices. This leads to a number of advantageous results. Ideally, that reconditioned gadget is either given to someone who needs a respectable phone at a reasonable price or its parts are reused.

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