How to Reduce Ping in PUBG Mobile – Guide

While the game servers are fine, we sometimes encounter issues such as higher pings causing gameplay to become unresponsive. Although some users may have slow internet connections, even users with better connectivity cannot get a ping below 100ms in some cases. To solve this problem, we made this article where we list 8 ways to fix PUBG ping Mobile. we kept the guide quite simple and straightforward, so don’t worry. Let’s start with this. Here we mention 8 different techniques that can significantly decrease ping when playing PUBG. All steps are quite easy and you don’t need root access to get low ping in PUBG. Also, if you have a low-cost device, read our article on how to improve PUBG performance on low-end devices before proceeding with this article. Now, without wasting time, let’s get started right away. Recently, smartphones come with built-in game boosters designed to reduce background activities so you can have smooth gameplay. Boosters can optimize device performance, reduce latency and prioritize bandwidth for the current game. These native boosters can also prevent background apps from accessing network, storage, and critical resources during gameplay.

Check your internet connection speed

The main aspect that ping depends on is connection speed. If PUBG Mobile is not getting enough bandwidth, the game will experience problems providing low latency and lag quite often. To check your internet connection speed, download the Speedtest by Okla app from the Google Playstore and check your internet quality by running a speed test. The app will also show the Ping Measurement for the nearest server. If you’re getting a high ping on the test, try switching to another network.

Choose the nearest server in PUBG Mobile

Sometimes a wrong server selection tends to cause a high ping in the game. As a rule, the further away the server is, the higher the ping. To change the server in PUBG Mobile, open the game and the option is located in the upper right corner of the screen. Choose the closest server and recheck your ping. For example, players who live in the Asia region will experience lower ping on the Asian server.

Turn off sync on your phone

The Synchronization feature on Android smartphones updates data from mobile applications automatically. By doing so, Sync feature consumes internet speed which causes less internet speed allocation for PUBG Mobile. To fix this, disable sync by navigating to Settings > Accounts & Sync > Auto Sync Data. Turn off the auto sync option and you’re good to go. But after disabling this, users have to manually sync apps like G-Mail, Yahoo Mail and the like to receive new data from the server.

Disable auto-update on Google Playstore

Most of the time, users are unaware that Google Playstore is automatically updating apps and consuming a big part of their internet connection. The best practice to resolve this issue is to disable automatic updates. For this, open Google Playstore > settings > auto-update apps. After selection, a list of options will appear from which you need to select the third one, i.e. ‘Do not update apps automatically’. It will not only fix your ping problem but also reduce lag when playing PUBG Mobile.

Final note

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