You should file a complaint on the website of your provider if you used a Buy Now Pay Later service or funds from your PayPal account to make your payment. You have 180 days, or around 6 months, from the date of payment to file a dispute on the PayPal website. The basic steps are outlined on PayPal’s help page for when you haven’t received your item or it doesn’t match the description. We will go through them shortly. First, some information. We have mentioned steps below to get refund on PayPal.

Steps to Get Refund on PayPal

Final Words

We hope like our article on How to Get Refund on PayPal. A business owner never wants to hear that a consumer wants a refund, but it does happen. Refunding should be an easy process when it happens and shouldn’t deplete all of your life’s resources. But if PayPal is your only choice, refunding customers is a rather simple procedure. Here are the specific steps for refunding a PayPal payment.

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