If this is the case, the cumulative update can be removed and reinstalled to resolve the issue. You can uninstall and disable the update to prevent the system from downloading it again if the machine is still not working as it should. You can follow the instructions in this manual to remove and reinstall a cumulative update for Windows 11. We also demonstrate how to stop the system from trying to download the problematic update if the problem persists. We have mentioned the steps below to reinstall Windows 11 updates.

Steps to Reinstall Windows 11 Updates

Final Words

That’s it with our article on how to Reinstall Windows 11 updates. Occasionally, you may need to reinstall the operating system when debugging your Windows 11 machine for major defects or performance issues. Even if you reinstall the operating system using the built-in recovery option and save your personal information, all installed apps will still be deleted.

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