On your mobile device, you can view the screen, open files, and use applications as easily (although perhaps not as quickly) as if you were sitting in front of that computer. Here it is how to access a distant computer using the Remote Desktop smartphone app. We have mentioned below steps to remotely control PC or Mac with Phone.

Steps to Remotely Control PC or Mac with Phone

Google Chrome Remote Desktop

This is definitely your best option for remote control of your PC if you frequently use Google Chrome browser on your desktop. You can easily use this Chrome extension from the official equivalent Android or iPhone app after installing it on your computer (Windows or OS X). Despite having “Chrome” in the name, the software actually lets you view any program on your computer as if you were physically in front of it, including administrative tools and file browsers. even on mobile networks, connecting to your PCs is simple thanks to Google’s interface. You can access it from others laptop or desktop operating systems by installing the extension on your desktop Chrome browser.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft’s remote desktop option will be recognizable to those who have been using Windows for a while. It is accessible on Android, iOS, and other platforms, but will only connect to Windows computers (and even then, only “Pro” versions of Windows or higher). In addition, the program allows you to securely connect to a Windows virtual desktop, which can be useful for business travelers.

virtual network client

Long before smartphones were popular, developers and power users used the VNC protocol for remote access. As the original design is open source, several clients – some paid, some free – are available for PCs and mobiles. Finding solutions that can be used in various circumstances and at the same time adaptable is key. We suggest two applications. The best choice for Mac users is RealVNC’s VNC Viewer. Depending on what you want, you can use it in a single home computer or multiple machines in an office environment. The technology also automatically uses a password to encrypt data communications for security.

remote mouse

This program only simulates a computer keyboard and mouse, unlike the remote desktop solutions mentioned above. It only works on local Wi-Fi networks and requires you to be able to see your screen or monitor to use it. However, sometimes using simpler software is better, especially for mouse/touchpad features. The Android and iOS client software for Remote Mouse, as well as the Windows, OS X or Linux server application that you will need to run on your PC to use it, are free to download. An in-app purchase update is required to unlock features including media controls and function key access. For someone who just needs to use simple instructions in their phone or tablet, this is definitely the best option.

unified remote

Similar to Remote Mouse, but with additional integrated features such as wake on LAN support, voice commands, infrared and NFC tools for phones, and controls for a variety of music streaming services, including iTunes, Spotify, and VLC. It is important to note that this program is not yet compatible with Chromebooks or Chrome OS. It can handle the Raspberry Pi and associated options, and it works fine with Linux.

Final Words

So here we end our article on how to Remotely control your PC or Mac with Phone. Remote control apps are becoming more and more common. It allowed you to remotely operate your Mac and Windows phone from any location using an iOS or Android device. Mobile App downloads have exploded in this digital age, and analysts anticipate a 25% growth worldwide mobile application.

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