How to Remove Action Blocked on Instagram – Guide

An Instagram action block is the point where you can’t finish an activity with your account. For example, you will give and comment on a shot in a post and you will receive a pop-up warning up to advise you to dial back or you have done too many actions. So this won’t allow you to go any further and it’s really disappointing. This prevents you from having the option to use Instagram essentially. You can’t put captions that you can’t comment on the post, you can’t care about posts that can’t follow individuals, and that’s a big problem. What’s more, currently, although the Action Block is trying to protect Instagram from spambots, which it isn’t. From time to time it tends to be exceptionally irritating when your account is blocked. Besides, you don’t deserve to be blocked.

What are the reasons to block an Instagram account?

First, let’s take a look at reasons Instagram might block you. By reading these reasons, you can avoid the lockout and be confident that no such problem will ever happen to your account. If your Instagram account has already been blocked, find out the reason below and go to the next part to unlock your Instagram. You may have created an account recently, but now you can’t like or comment on a post. The reason is that Instagram would consider you a fake user since you haven’t posted to your account yet. So be sure to post some photos on your profile. 10 posts might be good for a start. DO NOT post all of them simultaneously; instead, post one by one from time to time. You still haven’t filled in your profile information? Your account doesn’t have a profile picture or a biography? In that case, Instagram may deem your account as a fake user and block it. In order for your Instagram account to be unlocked as soon as possible, you need to fill in your profile details. Do you post consecutively? So that could be the reason behind the Instagram block. Instagram considers accounts that publish many posts in a limited time as a spammer and may block them. A simple solution is to have a schedule and avoid excessive postings! Liking too many other Instagram posts can also lead to Instagram blocking. Instagram considers this spam as some people would like as many posts as possible for people to notice. According to Instagram rules, you can enjoy 350 photos and videos in a maximum of one hour. It is highly recommended to observe this rule. Following many accounts is also considered spam activity, and again Instagram would consider you a spammer. If you’ve followed a lot of people recently, this might be the reason. Do not follow more than 20 people in one hour from now. Also, please note that you can follow a maximum of 7500 people; therefore, don’t be in a hurry to follow other users. If you use repetitive posts, emojis and comments, Instagram blocks you as soon as it finds out and doesn’t allow you to post or comment; but for how long? Nobody knows! According to other users who have had similar experiences, if you get the “Action blocked” message, Instagram may block you for a few hours or even a few weeks. The other reason Instagram is blocked is to mention other users too often. Do not mention other users in your posts and comments. Again, this is a matter of repetition and overuse. This is especially important when you mention people who are not on your ‘Followers’ list. Avoid doing this as much as possible if you want to keep your account secure. You are probably aware that there are bots that follow other users, like their posts, and leave comments about them in the name of your account; for example, one of these bots is the Instagram bot to increase the number of followers. While these bots are very effective in increasing your following, it’s best to use them properly; You need to be careful when using them. To make sure Instagram doesn’t block you for using bots, you need to pay attention to two points. First, when running a bot, limit your activities (eg 15 or 20 “likes” seem fine for a given time). Second, choose a bot that performs a variety of tasks like a real person. Ignoring Instagram rules is another reason to get blocked. Read Instagram Guidelines to make sure your activities don’t go against their rules.

What can you do to unlock your Instagram account?

When Instagram blocks you, it takes anywhere from 3 hours to 4 weeks to unlock your account. Yes, it’s too long, so please observe the rules mentioned above to avoid getting banned. But how can you speed up your account unlocking process? To do this, you need to submit a request to Instagram to review your account again. Like? Next, we’ll introduce you to some methods of connecting to Instagram. As we said, if you get the message “Action blocked”, it means that your account has been blocked. When you see this, press “Tell Us” to write about the bug on Instagram. After you press “Tell us”, Instagram probably wants you to fill in the security information via your email and then asks you to upload your own photo to make sure you are a real user. After uploading the photo to Instagram, your account will be activated after a few days. Press “Option” or “Configuration” button on your Instagram profile (the icon in the upper-right corner of the screen), scroll down and press ‘Report an issue’. Here, you can report different issues to Instagram. In the available options, press ‘Something is not working’. Now fill in the form with an unlock request, mention that you are a real person and hit ‘submit’.

Other methods to unlock your Instagram account

We list all the situations that can lead to Instagram blocking and we also provide some solutions to unlock your Instagram account. We hope you find them useful. Please let us know if this article was helpful to you or if you have any other questions about Instagram banning in the comments section below.

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