How To Remove Ads in Mobile Games On Android – Guide

Nobody likes ads, but in today’s virtualized context, they are a necessary evil. They allow developers to distribute their apps for free and still benefit from their innovations. Ads are present in the vast majority of free Android apps and games, so you’re probably used to seeing them. While most in-game advertisements are not malicious, they interfere with gameplay and up screen property. Android devices and Android apps are often overloaded with ads: banners, pop-ups, full-page ads, videos, in-app purchases, rewards, etc. There is even a special type of in-app ads that take several days to appear in active use, making it difficult to determine the source. There are also browser ads, website ads, pop-up adsup ads, frequent AirPush ads and so on that can be triggered by common apps or unwanted software. To block ads on Android, you need to find out what exactly is causing these ads. Ads are something we all hate. Not only do they annoy us, but they also ruin our experience of watching videos, browsing the web, and playing games. Blocking ads on a desktop operating system is very easy as there are many ad blocking software and extensions. With Android, however, things get complicated.

How to remove ads from Mobile Games

since almost all mobile ads are dynamically loaded from the web, your phone must be online to view ads. As a result, you can easily place your phone in airplane mode to remove ads in mobile games. If you do, most banners will disappear and video ads will never load. You may still notice a placeholder where the ads used to be, but that’s less. Of course, this only works if the game is playable offline. Many popular games require a connection to launch them, so this won’t work in these cases. But if you like offline mobile games like simple puzzles or platform games, this is a great tactic. As an added bonus, this uses less battery. Your phone doesn’t use as much battery for network services and doesn’t need to use juice for charging and displaying ads. Just make sure to turn Airplane mode off when you’re done so you don’t miss anything important!

Other ways to stop ads on Mobile Games

As mentioned, this tip does not work for all games. If you can’t use it to hide ads for your favorite game, there are a few other options. First you should check if the game has an in-app purchase to remove the ads. Many games allow you to pay a few bucks to remove ads for good. For games you play regularly, it’s worth removing annoying ads. If the game doesn’t offer this option, contact the developer and ask them to add it. You can usually find the website and email address on the App Store or Google Play. Of course, not all developers will respond, but it’s worth a try and we hope they appreciate your support. If none of that works, it’s worth trying one of the best VPNs in your area. phone. Some VPNs can hide your cell phone phone ads, but this is not a guarantee.

Final note

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