How to Remove and Rearrange Home Screen Pages on iPad/iPhone – Guide

If you get lost in a sea of ​​icons and can’t find the app you want, you might have too many pages of apps on your Home screen. Here it is how to switch pages and remove extra pages in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. The sheer number of apps available can be confusing as there are apps for just about every task in the App Store. Our reliance on apps can lead to too many apps on the iPhone or iPad. Apple has made provisions to make it easier to manage multiple apps on a device, such as moving apps and sorting them into folders. With the introduction of the App Library in iOS 15, an additional option was added to remove apps from the home screen completely to make room for widgets and other apps. Still, a user can have dozens or even hundreds of app icons on the iPhone. home screen. This is especially true for people who are setting up an iPhone or iPad for the first time and have loaded many apps they plan to use in the future. When determining which apps to display on the home screen, store in folders, or move to the app library, you should consider another concept: managing the home screen pages themselves.

How to remove and rearrange home screen pages on iPad/iPhone

How to to remove home screen pages

How to reorganize home screen pages

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