How To Remove Background from any Image on Android – Guide

Want to change a photo’s background? Well, if a photo has a messy background or you need to crop the subject, you may want to remove and replace the photo background. While tools like Adobe Photoshop are better for professional work, you can remove and replace the image background on an Android phone directly and get the job done with free third-party apps. See More information. You may have tried many apps to edit your images. But how about removing a background from an image? Many of you may think that you can only do this with Photoshop. But here we are not going to refer to Photoshop to remove the background. Here we are going to use an Android device to remove the background from an image. Actually, there is an app called Background Eraser that will come in handy to remove background from image. On any Android device, deleting the background image can result in a lot of fun images. You can use another app to create a WhatsApp sticker, for example by removing the background of a photo of you. You can also use a tropical background to make it look like you were in the tropical paradise of your dreams. The following Android software allows you to remove background from any photo without the need for in-app purchases.

How to remove background from any image on Android

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