How to Remove Background Noise in FaceTime Calls – Guide

The software eliminates background noise from audio and video calls using machine learning to filter out unwanted noise. As it uses machine learning, not every iPhone, iPad or Mac supports the feature. It is compatible with Mac models from 2018 and on iPads and iPhones that use the A12 Bionic chip. (You can find a list of compatible iPhones at final of this article). You can also use the tool to maximize background noise. This can be useful, for example, if there are multiple family members at one end of the call. Most of the FaceTime calls we make with an iPhone are from a home office or in an environment with lots of background noise. You may be surrounded by a fan, air conditioner, cars, children, appliances, pets, etc. iOS 15 introduces Voice Isolation to filter or reduce these ambient noises to emphasize your voice. This too features Wide Spectrum, which does the opposite and amplifies background noise. if you are wondering how to use voice isolation in FaceTime calls to get clean audio that filters out unnecessary noise, you can find the steps here. We will also show you how to enable Wide Spectrum if you want the person you are talking to to hear background noise. Interestingly, not all iPhones, but only iPhones with A12 Bionic processor and above running iOS 15 or later, support Voice Isolation and Wide Spectrum modes.

How to remove background noise in FaceTime calls

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