How to Remove ‘Cast to Device’ from Windows 11/10 File Explorer – Guide

The ability to tweak your computer to your liking is one of the great joys of owning a PC. Windows 10 has several features that populate different areas of your PC, most notably the right-click context menu in File Explorer. Since you might not need some of these options, it makes sense to get them out of the way and organize the context menu. One of these features that you may not need is the “Transfer to device” option. This feature it is a holdover from earlier versions of Windows (formerly Play To). It allows you to stream media content to the screen of another device which must support Miracast or DLNA. When right-clicking on a media file, the context menu will display the option “Transfer to device”. After selecting it, a list of wireless screens will appear and you can choose one to stream the media content. If you never use feature, you may not see the option dot in the context menu. Removing the File Explorer right-click context menu option requires changes to the system registry. Registry changes are a sensitive and risky endeavor. Windows relies on the registry to manage applications, services, and processes on your PC. If you make a mistake or tamper with an important registry key, the damage could be irreversible. So proceed with caution and only do this if you are familiar with Registry Editor. You still need to take security measures by supporting up entire registry and creating a system restore point. That way, you can undo any damage you accidentally caused.

How to remove ‘Cast to Device’ from context menu

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