How To Remove Corona Caller Tune – Guide

The coronavirus pandemic was the worst virus outbreak known to mankind in decades. The entire world is still struggling to get back on its feet, even with vaccines available everywhere. But one thing that the government has is to take every initiative so that users comply with health safety guidelines. India’s telecom operators have also started playing the “coronavirus” dial tone to warn users about precautionary measures in public places. You would definitely have heard the dial tone starting with a coughing sound followed by the precautions you should take to prevent coronavirus infection. Some of the operators also play the melody of the coronavirus caller in the voice of Amitab Bacchan. It has been several months since this caller tune has been playing on users’ devices and many are having a hard time stopping it. One of the reasons why it has become annoying is that in most cases the coronavirus caller music is played first before the contact receives the call.

How to Stop the coronavirus caller tune on BSNL

How to Stop coronavirus caller tune on Jio

How to Stop coronavirus caller tuning at Airtel

Users can also stop tuning by sending “CANCT” to 144. After that, a confirmation message to stop your tuning services from the caller will be received on your number. Another way to avoid this message is:

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