How to Remove Followers on Twitter – Guide

Twitter is launching a new privacy-related tool feature which will allow users to remove a follower without blocking it. The latest tool aims to give users better control over their follower lists and is currently available on the web version. Twitter began testing this option in September of this year. After a Twitter user removes someone, the user’s tweets no longer automatically appear on their timeline. The social media company says that if a user removes followers with the new tool, they will not be notified of the change. Twitter announced the addition of this new feature via their support handle @TwitterSupport on the platform. The microblogging company announced that the latest update would allow users to curate their own list of followers. Twitter users can remove anyone from their followers list on their profile page. To do this, click on Followers, click on the three dots icon next to a follower’s name, and finally click on the Remove this follower option. One of the advantages of having a private Twitter account is that you can control who follows you as you can approve or deny follower requests. However, if you want to remove existing Twitter followers, there is another option, regardless of whether you have a private or public account: block users. The instructions apply to the Twitter app for iOS and Android or Twitter accessed through a web browser.

How to Remove Twitter followers

Twitter made it easy to remove followers without blocking them in an October 2021 update. Previously, people had to use a workaround that involved quickly blocking and unblocking the follower they wanted to remove.

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