How to Remove Google Account Permissions for third-party app – Guide

Google supports app and game creators with a Facebook-like single sign-on service. Google has much stricter privacy policies on what third-party developers can do with your data, but it’s still a good idea to delete any apps or games you no longer use. See which apps you’ve given permission to and revoke access to apps you no longer use. Google allows developers to request three levels of information: basic, read and write access, and full access. If you cannot find the dedicated settings on your Android device, open a web browser on your smartphone – preferably Chrome – and click this link to open your Google Account permissions page. You can also use this method on your iPhone or computer. Now open the apps that seem questionable to you and click on “Remove Access” to revoke the permission. Each level offers deeper access. Some apps require this (for example, to be able to add an event to your Google calendar), while others should only ask for your basic information (your name and email address for single sign-on). When you see the apps you’ve given permission to, they’ll list what they can do next to them. Here you will find all the apps associated with your Google account. These apps may collect your data because you’ve granted permanent access to some or all parts of your Google Account. To remove suspicious apps, open them and tap Disconnect.

How to revoke third-party app permissions for your Google account

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