How to remove location data from photos on Android – Guide

Did you know that whenever you take a picture, either with your phone or camera, it contains additional information that may not be obvious. For example, you take a picture in front of a restaurant. Everyone who views the photo will see the name of the restaurant, but you know that the location of that restaurant is hidden in the photo file. This is also known as EXIF ​​data which includes the camera model you are using, the type of lens you are using, the aperture that was taken, the shutter speed and if your camera or phone has GPS, your information like location. This means that even if the photo does not contain any clear clues as to where it was taken, it is hidden information. If you’re concerned about people using this information for nefarious or malicious reasons, it might be a good idea to remove the GPS location from your photos, and here are several ways to do that.

How to turn off location data in Camera application

Disable the Location toggle in the setup menu. On Samsung phones, the location is near the bottom, but it’s the first setting on Google Camera advanced menu. Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Central. Turning location data off means that the geotag will be blank on all photos you take in the future, which is why it’s a good idea to make sure location data is turned off on your device. camera first thing. It’s much easier to turn it off beforehand than it is to take it out of dozens or hundreds of photos. If you forgot to turn it off before, it is not a difficult process to remove location data.

if your phone came with a dedicated Gallery app, you can usually remove location data there. There may be a slight difference between the gallery app you phone comes with. If you are using a Google Pixel phone, skip to the next section as its gallery app is Google Photos. There’s no batch option for this in any of the stock gallery apps I’ve seen, but there are apps made for batch editing photo metadata that you can turn to if you need to quickly clean up hundreds or thousands of photos.

How to remove location data from photos in Google Photos

Google Photos will add location data regardless of your camera’s, which means that as long as no one has access to your Google Photos account, you can remove the geotag data locally and still accurately track your steps when you get back to a safe place. Unfortunately, unless you password protect the Google Photos app, it is still a liability while on your phone showing the location data of all your photos, so you’ll probably want to go and pull out the location data in Google Photos. Even if you disable Location Services, Google Photos can automatically extract location data based on your location history and detected landmarks, and even worse, there is no batch option to clear Google Photos location data, so you will have to do it individually for each photo you took with the camera. Screenshots don’t get location data added to them, so you’ll only need to do this with the photos you take.

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