How to Remove Sound from Live Photo in an iPhone – Guide

If you have an iPhone, you might be interested in learning how to remove sound from a Live Photo captured with the device. Live Images, Apple’s animated photos, are a great way to remember amazing occasions when looking through our collection, as we said before. They can also be a powerful tool for sharing an experience, sending a hug to a loved one, or showing a video of your baby’s first steps. These animation captures capture video and audio frames, which we can play by pressing iPhone screens together. However, users of this type of capture may find it annoying, as Live Photos do not have audio if our device’s mode tab is active without sound, in contrast to the rest of the material we play, which sounds independently of this and depends on the device level. This can lead to some embarrassing circumstances as we may believe that we are sending a Live Photo with no audio, but our recipients will hear it if the sound guide is enabled. For people in these scenarios, as well as those who want to mute the Live Photos they post so that only the video action can be recreated, we’ll show you how to unmute an iPhone Live Photo today.

How to remove sound from a live photo

follow the steps how to remove sound from a Live Photo taken with iPhone. The steps are very simple and it only takes a few seconds after we record our Live Photo. From here, we can share our capture without worrying about anyone listening to your audio. If we want to recover it, we can always in the original file that is in our terminal, access the same Live Photos editing menu and activate it again from the speaker icon.

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