Guide: How To Report an Uber Driver

Uber is a next-level driving experience. This company offers convenience in transportation and the price is affordable. What makes Uber great is how they make sure that all of their drivers maintain and clean the vehicles they use. The drivers are professional, courteous and will make you feel safe. Well, in most cases, yes. There’s always a bad apple in the box, and the same goes for Uber. However, you can report any driver who made you feel uncomfortable or unsafe directly to Uber. They want to get them off the street just as much as you do, especially because they damage the image of the company. Keep reading and you will find out how to find a bad driver who works for Uber and how to report them.

How to Find a bad Uber driver

Before reporting an Uber driver, check that everything is as it should be. Drivers at Uber must have a safe and well-maintained vehicle, obey traffic laws, and drive safely. Some of them don’t live up to their responsibilities, and these are the most dangerous situations:

How to Report irresponsible Uber drivers

Uber is a large company and has many drivers. If you run into an aggressive, irresponsible, rude driver, you can stop the ride whenever you want and report it later. Uber always checks drivers before they are hired, but sometimes this is not enough.

How to Leave your opinion

Reviews are the least serious form of Uber driver reporting. You can notify Uber of their rudeness or other inconvenience during the ride. Maybe their car was not clean, or it was damaged or counterfeit. Reviews are based on a star system, ranging from one to five stars. Please provide a detailed assessment of why you rated a driver poorly. Uber values ​​your feedback and is working to improve it.

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Contact Uber support via email

This is one step up of ratings in terms of the severity of your driver problem. If you are really agitated by something, send an email to customer service. However, this type of notification is still not linked to your security. If you think a review isn’t enough, you can talk to Uber and get a response. Maybe the driver was smoking or texting while driving.

Contact the Uber Critical Safety Line

Note that this line is only used for the most serious security concerns. The line is open 24/7. If a driver has done something that makes you feel unsafe or concerned, call right away. If he was just rude or took a wrong turn somewhere, please leave a review. This line is for emergencies only. The number is 800353-8237. Good reasons to call the line are in cases where the driver: You must first remove yourself from danger and then call the emergency number. Notifying Uber is not enough, it is best to let the police handle this.

Safety first

Remember that you are freely using a ride service. You can stop the ride at any time if your Uber driver makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. After that, you have several options for reporting them, based on the severity of their behavior. In the most serious cases, you can report the incident to the police and the Uber safety line. They will take care of the rest, but make sure you stay out of harm’s way.

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