How to report and block spam text messages – Guide

Texans receive more spam text messages than any other state besides California, and the problem is only set to increase. This year, Texans are expected to receive 11 billion spam text messages, according to data from spam-blocking app RoboKiller. Here are some ways to handle spam messages and keep yourself safe.

Pause, don’t click

Experts recommend not clicking on any links sent to you via text messages if you don’t know who the sender is. Some scammers will send messages claiming to be a government agency or a company you know and trust. Before opening any link included in a text, call the company or organization the text claims to be from or check your online account with that company.


If the spam text was sent by a legitimate company, you can usually respond with ‘STOP’ and the company will honor your request to stop receiving text messages. If you don’t know the person on the other end of the line, don’t respond. Responding to a scammer confirms that there is a real human being on the other side of a phone number and encourage more spam.


Dallas-based AT&T as well as T-Mobile and Verizon advises customers who receive suspicious text messages to refer them to 7726 (SPAM) so the company’s spam defense team can take action. It’s a bit tedious, but a more immediate action users can take is to block individually phone numbers that send text messages through your phone block caller function. Majority phones use this list to block incoming text messages.


Each operator has its own way of blocking / filtering spam. T-Mobile offers its subscribers a collection of services called Scam Shield. Verizon offers call filtering. AT&T offers a service called Call Protect. In addition, there are third-party companies that provide spam and robocall text message filtering, including RoboKill and Nomorobo.

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