How to Report Messages on Your WhatsApp – Guide

WhatsApp seems to be constantly adding new ones features for its users around the world. The latest is that the Facebook chat app is focusing on keeping the platform clean by allowing people to report a spam number with proof. in an update feature currently available to WhatsApp beta testers, users can now report a contact to WhatsApp for spam or abusive behavior in the app. With the update, WhatsApp can verify that a report is credible by reviewing a copy of the last reported chat messages. As there is no way for WhatsApp to access a user’s messages, it has never been able to verify a message since feature existed in the application. The update will allow WhatsApp to access the latest chat messages with the reported contact. Learn how to report messages on WhatsApp, follow the steps below.

How to report messages on your WhatsApp

The first method will allow you to go straight to reporting a person. A second method allows you to choose to block a user with or without reporting them. A third method to block users and report spam on WhatsApp is to swipe through the user’s contact card.

Report WhatsApp Spam Messages on iPhone

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