How to Reset Advertising ID on iPhone – Guide

An Advertising ID is a user-resettable identifier assigned to you by your mobile device or operating system. Android users get a Google Play ID, while iPhone owners get their iOS ID. These IDs are similar to cookies and are used for advertising purposes. They can help developers track your movements and mobile application usage. This information may be shared with (or sold to) advertisers and third parties who inundate you with targeted advertisements. Advertising IDs may not look malicious. They are simply used to serve personalized ads – what’s wrong with that? However, there are a few reasons why you should opt out of ad ID customization. However, you can deactivate or reset your ID with a few clicks and be (almost) anonymous again. Note: Limiting your ad tracking settings only works for apps, not websites you visit through your browser. And resetting your ID will not eliminate ads; they just won’t be personalized because they don’t have your data. When you find an ad on social media or another website, you will see the same or similar ads everywhere, even in apps. This is because your ad ID is exposed and the advertiser’s algorithm is now targeting you. While it’s true that you can’t completely escape ad targeting, you can greatly minimize it by simply resetting your ad ID. In this article, we will show you how to reset the ad id in your phone. It doesn’t matter if you use Android or iPhone, you can reset ad ID without a 3rd party app.

How to reset advertising ID on your iPhone

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