How to Reset an iPhone – Guide

If you have problems with your iPhone, for example if it freezes or crashes, factory resetting the device may resolve the issue. Or, if you’re selling or giving away your iPhone, you might want to reset it so that all your personal data is erased from the device. Factory resetting your iPhone will get it back to basics: no contacts, playlists, photos, password storage, or anything else you’ve added since the day you bought it. But before you start resetting your iPhone, it’s important to go back up all your data so you don’t lose your important information. Once your iPhone is reset, you can restore it from backup. If you reset your iPhone using the software option – a soft reset – you will not lose any data. The same goes for a hard reset, which lets you use the hardware buttons to restart your iPhone if the touchscreen is not responding or your apps start behaving strangely. A factory reset is an entirely different matter. Essentially, it returns your iPhone to what it was when it came out of the box: it erases all content, settings, and personal information from the device.

How to soft reset your iPhone

The easiest way to reset your iPhone is to turn it off. This method is often called a “soft reset” because unlike a factory reset, you will not lose any data and nothing will be erased from your device. phone. You should consider a soft reset if your phone is a little slower than usual, if an app refuses to open or work properly, or if you have another minor issue but your iPhone is still responsive. Apple has changed the way a soft reset is performed on the iPhones X, 11, and 12, which requires you to hold down two buttons to perform a soft reset. All you do here is turn off your phone. If you’re using an iPhone SE or an iPhone 8 or earlier, you can turn off your iPhone simply by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button. button until the slider appears. Alternatively, as long as you have iOS 11 or later installed, you can go to Settings > General and scroll to the bottom where you’ll find Turn Off button. When you tap Power off, you will see the Slide to power off slider. You can then proceed to step 2 above.

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