How to Reset Computer Configuration Settings on Windows 10 PC – Guide

If you are a Windows 10 user, I am sure that you must be modifying your computer settings in the Settings app on your Windows 10 system. However, this app is intended for basic users and does not give you full control of your system settings. For advanced users, Windows 10 comes with a tool called Local Group Policy Editor, which gives you full control over your system settings. We have already done many articles on how to enable and disable features using Local Group Policy Editor, but if you are someone who is facing issues after modifying these settings, this guide will allow you to change everything to the default settings. Let’s start with the article and take a look how to reset computer settings in windows 10.

How to reset all Local Group Policy settings using Local Group Policy Editor

Reset computer settings

To reset computer configuration settings, use these steps:

Reset user settings

To reset user configuration settings, use these steps:

How to reset all local group policy settings using command prompt

To reset Group Policy settings with a command line, use these steps:

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