How to Reset Kodi on Firestick or Fire TV – Guide

we will learn how to reset Kodi 19.4 Matrix and Kodi 18.9 Leia to factory default settings on FireStick. Kodi is an amazing media tool that converts your device into a media center and lets you stream your favorite content for free and paid (of course, free most of the time). But, this free and open source platform is not without its problems. Long-time users in particular who have multiple Kodi add-ons installed may experience performance issues more often than they would like. There are many hacks and solutions that help speed up up Kodi and fix bugs that hinder performance. But, there are times when none of the solutions work, and resetting Kodi to default is the only viable option. Resetting the app gives you a clean slate to start over as if you were running Kodi for the first time. But remember that it also means losing all your Kodi data like your add-ons and settings. This can also be taken into account to some extent.

How to Reset Kodi on Fire Stick

Kodi does not offer a factory reset option built into any devices, including Fire TV. For most platforms, the easiest way to clean up your settings is to explore the file structure and delete custom content manually. This is hard to do on Fire TV, so we have outlined a few methods below that will let you reset Kodi without all the hassle.

Uninstall, Reinstall

Most Kodi reset methods rely on third-party add-ons. As these add-ons tend to disappear or stop working without warning, it is difficult to recommend a reliable extension that offers a quick restart. But since you are trying to get rid of all your Kodi data, a quick uninstall and reinstall can get the job done quickly.

Before starting, uninstall Kodi

Uninstalling Kodi from your Fire Stick is a painless process. Follow the steps below to remove the app and all associated customizations and add-ons from your device. Make sure you want to do this before starting the process as it cannot be undone.

necessary first steps

Once Kodi exits your device, it’s time to prepare the new reset version. There are a few methods to do this, and which one you use depends entirely on your personal preferences. Some steps are identical no matter how you install it, so follow the guide below, choose an option and start installing. To install Kodi on your Fire TV, you need to go through a process known as sideloading. This simply means adding software that isn’t available in the Fire TV’s main interface. No need to root or jailbreak, you just need the right software and the apps you want to download. We prefer to use adbLink for sideloading as it is free, works on most desktop PCs and is easy to use. Follow the steps below to install your new version of Kodi. As a nice bonus when using the adbLink method, you can also create backups, move Kodi data, or restore a fresh Kodi installation from a previously exported file. To use any of them in conjunction with the above, just run adbLink before uninstalling Kodi and click the appropriate button button.

Use Downloader app to reinstall Kodi

Get a factory reset version of Kodi with apps2fire

Got an extra Android device lying around? You can use it to push almost any app to your Fire TV device in seconds. All you need is free apps2fire and a reliable WiFi connection.

Clear Kodi Data

Not in the mood to uninstall and reinstall Kodi? Don’t worry, you can clear most app data through the Fire TV interface. It won’t give you a true reset like the methods above and below, but it does eliminate most of Kodi’s custom content and leaves you with a shiny new install ready to stream.

Use a Kodi addon

Add-on helpers are everywhere in the Kodi community. Some of the most popular ones have disappeared in recent months due to the DMCA shutdown, which means we will need to use alternatives to clean and reset Kodi. Add-on wizards can be quick and convenient, but keep in mind that you may not always be able to download or use the software if the developer terminates the project without notice. The Looking Glass repository has a cool, easy-to-use assistant that we currently consider to be the best of the bunch. Check out the steps below to install and run the Fresh Start Kodi reset option on Fire TV installation.

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