How to Reset Photoshop Tools to their Default Settings – Guide

The Reset All Photoshop Tools command has been around for a long time. In earlier versions of Photoshop, selecting Reset All Tools resets all tool settings in the options bar to their defaults. This cleared all previously used custom settings. However, what Reset All Tools would not do is reset the toolbar itself to its default layout. If you want to restore all the default tools, you must go through each toolbar item one by one and select the default tool manually. In Photoshop CC we no longer need to do this. The Reset All Tools command still resets the tools to their default settings in the options bar. But now it also resets all toolbar items to their default primary tool. The improved Reset All Tools command was first added in Photoshop CC 2014. However, as it has not received much attention, it is unknown to many Photoshop users. To use it and follow this tutorial you must be running Photoshop (Creative Cloud). You should also make sure that your copy of Photoshop CC is up Until the present date.

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How to Reset All Tools in Photoshop

When you customize a tool’s settings in Photoshop, your settings are saved so you can use them the next time you edit an image. If you are resetting Photoshop, you should also reset these tool settings. See How to do this:

How to Reset all your preferences in Photoshop

Photoshop saves your custom settings in a preference file. If you want to bring Photoshop back to what it was when you first installed it, you can delete the preferences file and that will totally reset the application. Remember that none of your settings will be preserved, so make a backup of everything you need later.

Then follow these steps to fully reset Photoshop:

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