How to Reset Windows 11 PC to Factory Settings – Guide

If you have been using the same setting in Windows 11 for a long time or you are having problems with your computer, you can use the Reset this PC option feature to restore the system to factory default settings to resolve common issues and improve performance. Reset this PC feature is available since Windows 10 and also allows you to reinstall Windows on Windows 11 with various options. For example, you have the option to restore factory settings and keep your settings and files, and there is another option to remove everything for startup or shutdown issues, excessive memory usage, performance when running apps, fast battery drain, or resolve problems getting rid of a hard malware. Sometimes you just need to restart and reset your Windows 11 operating system. Maybe you’ve made so many settings or registry changes that you forgot how to reset them all to default. Maybe you have software installed that is messing up up Your system. Or maybe you want to donate or sell your PC to someone else and don’t want them to access your apps or data.

How to Reset Windows 11 PC

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