It would be inaccurate to refer to this as a new programme because it is actually an upgrade for Adobe Spark, which was discreetly discontinued by Adobe. There is a growing need for quick, inexpensive creative solutions that anybody, from small business owners to content creators, can use in the digital economy, where social media is increasingly used to advertise items and target niche audiences. Anyone can easily create eye-catching social media graphics, promotional films, and one-page websites with Adobe Creative Cloud Express, a cloud-based media creation tool. Its ability to be accessible from any device with internet connectivity is one of its amazing characteristics. Users of Creative Cloud Express Video can quickly add video, sound, photographs, and icons. Additionally, users can record their own voices to narrate their brief videos. We mentioned below are the steps to resize image using Creative Cloud Express on Android.

Steps to resize image using Creative Cloud Express on Android

Photoshop Express

Basic photo editing capabilities including filters, overlays, colour correction, and more are included in Photoshop Express. However, there is no item for resizing in the lower toolbar. As an alternative, it is shown as a choice when you export your photograph. Step 1: Open Photoshop Express and select an image from your device or shoot from your camera. Step 2: Make any color or brightness adjustments to your image. Step 3: Touch Next button in the upper right corner. Step 4: Touch the blue MAGNITUDE text below your image to resize it to one of the default pixel dimensions or your own custom set. Step 5: Touch JPEG quality text to adjust the quality of the exported image to further reduce the file size if necessary. Step 6: Select Save to Gallery when you are done.

Adobe Lightroom

For those who wish to edit their pictures and videos while they’re on the go, Lightroom is a popular choice. With its many presets, editing to strengthen your photographs is simple, and it also provides the capabilities to let you make your own. Resizing an image is one of the final stages before exporting it, much like in Photoshop Express. Step 1: Open the Lightroom app and import an image into your library. You can do this either from your camera or by searching your device’s storage using the blue buttons in the lower right corner. Step 2: Select the imported photo from your library that you want to resize. Step 3: Make any lighting, color or other adjustments first. Step 4: Touch Share icon on the top toolbar and select Export as. Step 5: Choose one of the standard resizing options or enter a custom size from Dimensions drop down list. Step 6: When you’re done, tap mark icon in the upper right corner of the box.

Creative Cloud Express

No programmes must be downloaded in order to use Adobe’s Creative Cloud Express because it is browser-based. An easy-to-use image scaling tool is one of the Quick Actions, and there are templates for a variety of purposes, just like Canva. Step 1: Open your browser and go to  Step 2: Create an account if you don’t have one and follow the signup prompts. Step 3: Select Resize Image under the Try a quick action block. Step 4: Drag and drop the image you want to resize into the highlighted box. Step 5: Choose one of the size presets based on where you’ll be posting the image, or opt to set custom dimensions. Step 6: After adjusting the size, the Download button becomes active, and you can go ahead and save your image.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on how to resize image using Creative Cloud Express on Android. It could be a little unclear what Adobe Creative Cloud Express actually is. it combines Adobe Creative Cloud with Adobe Photoshop Express. You might be curious about the origins of this programme. Although Creative Cloud Express seems to have materialized out of thin air, it is actually the updated version of the long-gone Adobe Spark. The capabilities of Creative Cloud Express are identical to those of its predecessor, Adobe Spark, but it places more of an emphasis on helping creatives and business owners create social media visuals.

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