How to restore deleted photos and videos on Android – Guide

Google Photos is one of the most popular cloud storage options for backup up your photos and videos, especially for Google Pixel phones and other Android users. This platform can be used to archive old photos and access them anytime with any device that allows you to log into your Google account. Google Photos neatly categorizes photos by faces, locations, time and various other album options. Even photos and videos that you delete from the Google Photos app are kept in the Trash folder for 60 days before being permanently deleted. And it is possible to restore them before they disappear. However, this only applies if Google Photos backup and sync feature is enabled. If a user wants to recover deleted photos and videos, he must first check if the content is in the Trash folder in the app. If a deleted photo or video is not in the recycle bin, it cannot be recovered. Users cannot recover a photo if they moved it to Trash more than 60 days ago, or if they moved it to Trash and emptied the folder. Also, the photo or video cannot be recovered if it was discarded more than 30 days ago on a device running Android 11 or later and not backed up. up. It will also not be recovered if the Trash folder has been permanently deleted or if the content has been permanently deleted from the device’s Gallery app without first backing it up. up. If the photo or video is visible in the Trash folder

How to restore deleted photos on android

If you’ve deleted an item and want it back, check your trash to see if it’s there.

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