How To restore Deleted Pictures/Videos on Android – Guide

Accidental loss of important photos is very common – you might want to use the Share button but accidentally tapped the delete button button instead, or maybe you messed up up and accidentally deleted some important photos in the process. In the worst case, photos of him in the gallery got corrupted when transferring them to another device. imagining how to recover deleted photos on Android? Well, don’t worry! You’re in the right place. In this article, we describe some of the methods that can help you with this. Before doing so, however, we would like to emphasize that with each new Android version and Google’s updated security guidelines, it becomes more and more difficult to recover deleted photos and data. There is rarely a worse feeling than opening your gallery app, only to find that a precious photo you were holding is gone. If you accidentally deleted it or something happened to your phone and your photos are gone, Android offers us multiple ways to save and recover photos. Well, Android doesn’t have a built-in recycle bin function to recover deleted files. However, it has apps to recover deleted photos and videos.

How to recover deleted photos/videos from Android

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