How To Restrict A Users on Chromebook – Guide

As you might expect, Chrome OS is primarily designed to run Google apps like Google Drive, Docs, and YouTube, all of which are installed on the Chromebook by default (although you can emulate some Mac and PC apps). You log into the device itself with your Google account and password, and you will need an internet connection to use most of the features. Anyone with a Google account can sign in or use their guest account to share their Chromebook. You can also grant login privileges to specific people. A Chromebook is easy to use, and anyone with a Google account can log in and start using the device right away. Other users will only see what is stored in your Google account, not what you have stored. While there is a guest account that allows friends and family to log in even if they don’t have a Google account, you may want to limit access to certain people.

How to restrict a user on Chromebook

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