How to Resume and Pause Windows 10 PC Updates – Guide

Windows 11, the latest version of Windows from Microsoft, comes with a pack of new advanced features features. It has a variety of features and updates, Windows 11 offers an improved experience and support for multitasking. Despite all the efficiency, the latest version offers creative freedom that makes work easier. However, it retains some of the features from its predecessor Windows 10. Like its predecessor Windows 10, Windows 11 receives automatic updates. But automatic updates in Windows 11 can be annoying. Updates that appear in nanoseconds take time to complete. They interrupt users’ concentration while they work. Sometimes it takes longer than usual for these updates to complete. Also, automatic updates consume system storage space. The experience can degrade if the update process itself causes the system to hang. Issues like irregular frame rates, blue screen or stuttering are the most common features users have noticed. And as with Windows 10, there is also no direct way to disable automatic updates in Windows 11. However, Microsoft discourages users from stopping Windows updates. not have the latest features and security patches can damage your PC or laptop. However, most of us would like to get away with these updates as working around them becomes quite tedious. Although Microsoft discourages users from doing this, there is an effective way to stop Windows updates. One of the methods to stop Windows updates is to disable Windows update services.

How to Resume and Pause Windows 10 PC Updates

How to Pause Windows 10 Updates

How to resume Windows 10 updates

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