However, when using your Android smartphone to record, one of the main problems is incorrect orientation. Usually, this occurs when you become engrossed in the moment or the scenery. It’s possible that you’re holding your smartphone incorrectly without even noticing it. You can rotate your improperly oriented recorded films using the Google Photos app on an Android phone or tablet. You should have the Google Photos app, which is utilized in this tutorial, installed on your Android device in order to do this. The Google Photos app is typically pre-installed on Android phones, but if it isn’t, you’ll need to download it from the Play Store. We mentioned below are the steps to Rotate a Video on Android.

Steps to Rotate a Video on Android

Final Words

You might want to share your work online if you are a videographer or an ordinary smartphone user who uses an Android phone for vlogging. This is so that people can experience the same feelings and enjoy the same scenery as you did while filming the video. Whether it’s a straightforward daily vlog, a tour, or a trip vlog. When you can share it with close friends or someone who shares your thoughts or interests, you feel fulfilled and rewarded. We hope our article on “How to Rotate a Video on Android” will surely help you to do so.

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