How To Run ADB From Any Web Browser Without Installing – Guide

The Android Debug Bridge (adb) is a versatile command-line tool that lets you interact with a device. The adb command promotes some sort of device action, for example, installing and debugging applications. The ADB Web site is based on the open source ya-webadb project by web developer Simon Chan. The WebUSB API provides a way to securely expose USB device services to the Internet. It provides an API familiar to developers who have used existing native USB libraries and communicates the device interfaces defined by the existing specifications. Since Simon Chan also started an online implementation of the GitHub project, you can also use the WebADB site. The tool is still in beta and a little unstable at times, but almost everything works as expected. Unlike the more commonly used command-line based ADB, the web tool comes with a graphical interface that makes things easy for laymen like installing APKs, using the Scrcpy screen control tool, or creating screenshots. The new website is available and you can use it to sideload APKs, run shell commands, record Android screens, etc. from a computer browser.

How to run ADB from any web browser without installing

The good thing about using the ADB website is that it doesn’t require installation, drivers or anything. Below we share a breakdown guide running ADB and Fastboot in a web browser.

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