How to run Signal on a Chromebook – Guide

Chat messengers are all the rage these days. You have WhatsApp at the forefront of this domain, along with Facebook’s deeper Messenger, but that’s not all. Discord, Slack and many other private messaging platforms have built up quite a reputation over time. All of this leads us to shed light on a somewhat similar app called Signal. To update you on a little background here, the number of Signal downloads has tripled since WhatsApp decided to revise its privacy policy, which will share all users’ data with Facebook, including includes profile picture, contact details , photos and more. , The broad consensus made up is considering switching to alternative chat messengers, and Signal is sure to come out on top in this regard. If you have a Chromebook and you want to install this app on your device, leave it guide lead the way for you. This article will explore a method that will allow us to use the desktop version of Signal on Chrome OS. Before we get into the matter, let’s take a quick look at some of the main features of this program.

So what’s the problem?

The signal is readily available for mobile for iOS and Android. It is also available for desktop for Windows, Mac and even Linux. Unfortunately, there is no web client and this leaves Chromebook users without a native solution. But did you say there is an Android app? yea. That’s right, but the Android client is not optimized for Chromebooks and you won’t be able to install it through the normal means of the Google Play Store.

Linux has you covered

Despite this omission, Signal can be installed as a workaround using the Linux application environment that Google recently added to Chrome OS. This adds a virtualization layer that allows you to run full Linux desktop apps as “native” on your Chromebook. We recently did a complete tutorial about how to enable the linux runtime. If you haven’t already, take a look and check it out here. You will need this to proceed with our Signal installation.

To define up and install Signal Desktop on your Chromebook

The next topics will guide you through the process of adding Signal to your Chromebook. Note that all commands for the Linux terminal are in italics and you will need to remove the quotes from each one when using them on your machine.

Final note

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